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Hayabusa Demo Tutorial Movie (9m55s) 2009/12/18
IBL (Image Base Lighting Tutorial)  Zip file(16.2MB) 2009/10/02
Animation Tutorial English  PDFfile(1.5MB) 2009/10/02
Animation Sample data: Camera Animation  Zip file(9.4MB) 2009/8/21
Animation Sample data: Object Animation  Zipfile(8.0MB) 2009/8/21
Animation Sample data: Material Animation  Zipfile(6.0MB) 2009/8/21
Animation Sample data: Combined Animation  Zipfile(7.5MB) 2009/8/21
Hayabusa2.0 Quick Start English  PDFfile(2MB) 2009/9/23
Hayabusa2.0 Quick Start Sample data  Zipfile(8.4MB) 2009/8/21
[ Note ]
2009.12.18, Demo Tutorial Movie uploaded.

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