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Hayabusa 2.0 Features

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Real Time Rendering

Hayabusa has three types of Rendering modes.
Standard Renderer:
This mode is a very basic rendering mode with using your CPU's capability. Ray tracing is not available in this mode.
High Quality Renderer(Uses shader):
This mode is the so called "Real Time Rendering" mode, using GPU's(Graphics Card) capability.
Various material setting, IBL(Image Based lighting) rendering is available but Ray tracing is not available .
Real Time Ray Tracing(Use shader + Real Time Ray Tracing):
This mode is new for Hayabusa 2.0, in addition to High Quality Renderer, Ray Tracing is available with this mode.

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Multiple Lights & Multiple Shadows(New Feature)

Hayabusa 2.0 can define up to 80 lights. Hayabusa supports three type of lights, Parallel Light, Point light and Spot Light.
Parallel Light and Point light can be defined shadow settings including soft shadow. Up to 24 lights, shadow setting is available.

hayabusa_img hayabusa_img

Real Time Ray tracing(New Feature)

Hayabusa 2.0 now supports Ray Tracing, This makes Real Time, High Quality Rendering possible Quick and easy High Quality final rendering is available.

hayabusa_img hayabusa_img

Create Key frame animation(New Feature)

Hayabusa 2.0 now supports creating Key frame animation. You can create by defining camera positions at key frame. Object and Material animation is also available.


Create Images and Movies

Once a scene of Hayabusa is defined, you can create snap shot images and movies.
Snap shot images are created, one by one from scenes, automatically from a fixed camera position and automatically from a user defined camera position by user. Unlimited Resolution size with aniti-aliasing calculation Movies are created by "Turn table motion", "Camera motion" and "Key frame animation"(New Feature)
Hayabusa 2.0 does not limit the resolution size of snap shot.
(Note; It depends on model size, number of lights and shadows, reflection and refraction.)

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