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Hayabusa 2.0 Benefits of Hayabusa 2.0


It usually takes a good amount of experience and time to render still images that are above a certain standard. It can also be said that it is hard to evaluate the final model if one can not see the outcome in realtime.
Hayabusa gives the user the opportunity to adjust in an interactive manner the "Color","Reflection", "Transparency", "Multiple lights with Multiple shadows" and "Image based Lighting setting". All is calculated in real time, saving the user effort while increasing the efficiency of the workflow.

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Productivity of Digital Design


By letting the user view the final image of the rendering process at all times, it lets the user to concentrate exclusively in designing their ideas rather than waiting or having to deal with the rendering process.

In many cases with traditional design software, a discrepancy can be seen between the image the user is currently working on and the final image.

By using Hayabusa, the user can always check up on the final image, therefore allowing the user to quickly make decisions thus greatly improving the efficiency of the design process.

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High quality rendering without experties


From preview images to commercial-level high quality images, still image rendering is suited for a wide variety of uses.

This problem originates from the fact that most users find it considerably difficult in linking their model 's materials and environment settings to the final image.

Hayabusa lets just about any designer to easily render their designs without the need of relating one's model to the final image.

Creating High resolution renderings and animations.

Once you have completed creating a photo-realistic rendering with Hayabusa on your screen, you can create much higher resolution images than your computer screen can display, in a short time. For example, 8,000 X 6,000 pixel size images with anti-aliasing can be calculated in a few minutes.

(Note: The speed will depend on your GPU's specs and the value of reflections and transparency with Ray Trace mode.)

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