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Hayabusa 2.0 FAQ

About Hayabusa 2.0

Q1:What's Hayabusa 2.0?

Hayabusa Renderer is a plug-in application. Using it, you can render models created with the 3D modeling software Rhinoceros 4.0 quickly with its realtime rendering feature which makes the most of the GPU’s (Video card) ability.
You can check a rendered image quickly because you can assign a material, light source or HDR image for color/ reflection/transparency while you are modeling with Rhinoceros.
Also, you can export an image created in realtime to a still image or animation.

Q2:What is the difference between Hayabusa and the other rendering applications?

With the traditional still image rendering application such as Flamingo, you cannot check a material's final image assigned to the model until the rendering is done.
Since with Hayabusa you can check the image while you are modeling, you can focus on modeling and create design simulations anytime. To get high quality results with still image rendering, you need skill, experience and usually the photo-realistic image requires a long rendering time. With Hayabusa, anyone can get high quality rendering results quickly.

Q3:How do you export a model from Rhinoceros to Hayabusa?

When you install Hayabusa, an Export to Hayabusa button will be added to Rhinoceros. If you click this button, Hayabusa will start automatically while the model is being exported. If you save the file in Hayabusa (*.hyp2), you can edit it without starting Rhinoceros.

Q4:Is there an evaluation version?

Yes, we have an evaluation version of Hayabusa. Without licensing, you can use all the functions with the evaluation version. But the evaluation version shows the "Hayabusa" watermark on the screen and you cannot save the data. Click here to download the Operation Guide, Tutorial and Sample. You can use them with the evaluation version too.

Q5:Do I need any extra hardware to use Hayabusa?

Hayabusa has a Standard mode which uses the CPU. But if you want a realtime ray trace effect, a good graphic card is needed. Please refer to the list of system requirements and supported graphic cards.

Q6:Does Hayabusa work on Mac?

Hayabusa can work on a Mac which uses a NVIDIA graphic card. However we do not recommend using Hayabusa on a Mac or guarantee that Hayabusa will work properly on a Mac.

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